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Coming to Kona Hawaii
Come join us in Kona Hawaii from July 6th to 8th 2024, for an incredible time of fellowship,
as we pray for the nations.
We will update this page with more information in the coming months. Make sure to check back for details.
We can't wait to see you in Kona!

To find out more about entering the United States please contact your local U.S. Consulate

There is accommodation on site at the

YWAM Kona campus
Please fill out the form below for accommodation 

Accommodation Form

How many will be attending?

Thanks for registering. See you there!


Attending In Person

  • All attendees must have registered and paid in advance of attend the ASK Hawaii 3 day prayer conference. Each attendee will be presented with a ASK Badge. All attendees will be asked to wear their issued badge around the neck throughout the conference. ASK Volunteers will have a different colored badge

  • ASK attendees are to remain on the conference grounds at all times unless under the direction and supervision of ASK team leaders.

  • Please make allowance to bring your own medication as needed and personal water bottles for the three days.

  • ASK may plan excursions offsite. Details still to come.

  • All ASK Volunteers will be wearing a teashirt will volunteer. Look out for these and ask any question or if needed specific support. Their task is help you have a the best time possible.

Attendees will need to organise their own flights and travel arrangements to and from Hawaii, including visa entry into the United States.

Flights to the Big Island

Please make allowance for arrival and return flight times to the Big Island (Kona) . It is important that all attendees to ASK Hawaii (Kona) 2024 schedule to be landed in Kona on the 5 JULY 2024 (landed from 12pm onwards). ASK Hawaii will be opening the gates on 5thJuly from 2pm onwards.

What to Bring

Bible, Note pad and plenty of pens, Good sized Drink Bottle, Sun Hat, medication, towels for beach, personal food items.  

What Not to Bring

Alcohol and Drugs and weapons are strictly prohibited on the Campus at all times. Any parties or individuals found with these items will be removed immediately from the conference venue and or Police called. (Or similar wording)


Breakfast, Lunch and Diner will be served at scheduled times each day by the cooking staff of YWAM. Please take note of the scheduled eating times.

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