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What is Ask of Him 2024?

On behalf of ASK of Him, Global Convergence Network and YWAM Kona, University of the Nations, Hawaii USA.

It is our great honour to extend this invitation for you and fellow believers in Jesus Christ from your nation to; Attend the ASK Hawaii 2024, 198 Nations prayer conference. Hosted in Kona, YWAM Hawaii. This historic Global Prayer gathering will take place onsite and on live on Zoom over 3 days.


ASK Hawaii 198 Nations Prayer Format  

The ASK Hawaii 2024 mission is to pray and intercede personally for each one of the 198 nations over two days. To help achieve this global prayer objective, a world apostolic prayer map has been created with all world time zones incorporated. Your nation is assigned to "one of ten" Cluster Nation Groups or "CNG". Please watch the video above which will explain how the CNG's work. 


Live Stream in via, Clubhouse app

ASK HAWAII invites those in Christ in your nation and around the Globe to participate with us in prayer via "Livestream" as we pray for each of the 198 nations. You will also be able to live stream for the closing ceremony with messages of hope to the nations, prophecy, a time of global praise and worship and Global communion together. The conference will finish with the blowing of the conch shell from Hawaii Pacific rim nations and reciprocated with the blowing of the Shofar from Jerusalem Israel.  


Ask Hawaii 2024 prayer campaign will be hosted by teams from Maori Initiatives - Kingdom ministries and YWAM KONA Hawaii team members. 


The protocol for the prayer conference will be presided over by Melchizedek Rangimarie Malae kaumatua elders  with Maori Initiatives and YWAM Kona stewards;

Traditional Hawaiian and Maori customary practices of welcome, hospitality and unity will be observed throughout the ASK conference.


ASK Nations Prayer Chapel on Clubhouse App.

You are most welcome to come and pray for your nation before July 2024 with the ASK intercessory team on the Clubhouse app.

The Chapel has been going 24 hours a day for almost two years. Teams pray from 7am - 9am in the morning and 5pm - 7pm in the evenings Monday to Friday (NZ time, Please make adjustments for your national timezone)

To visit and pray with the Melchizedek Nations intercessory prayer team led by Margret Asher. Please download the "Clubhouse App" to your smartphone. Set up your personal profile then search for Melchizedek Marae. Send us a request and we will send an invite within the hour. We Look forward to meeting & praying with you in the Prayer Room. 

Melchizedek Rangimarie "Marae in the sky"

Marae are sacred gathering spaces of the ancient Maori people of the land of New Zealand. Melchizedek is a most sacred Hebrew name bestowed on the Marae by Rabbi Yaakov Brown NZ, meaning “God is Righteous”. It is our great and humble honour to share Christ through our Maori culture through Melchizedek Rangimarie Marae in 

Manaakitanga – Hospitality, to serve one another

Ohana – Unity with all the nations of the world.

Aloha - Love for one another in Christ 


Being a part of Ask Hawaii 2024

If you would like to be considered as a national prayer representative on behalf of your nation for ASK Hawaii. Please go to the registration page and fill in the registration form, ticking the “national prayer representative” box. A lead representative to be chosen on the day.

Once registered you will receive a conference pack containing the following:

  1. Your personal Nations cluster nation group (CNG) number.

  2. The specific date and time allocation for your nation to be prayed for during the GLobal prayer conference. We encourage friends from your nation to join in prayer and for the opening and closing via Clubhouse app on their smartphones mobiles.

  3. A list of all the nations in your Cluster Nation Group

  4. A copy of the ASK Hawaii 2024 program

  5. Onsite accommodation and food available. Costs to be confirmed. 




Feel free to email this information to other believers across your nation as the Lord leads you in prayer to register and attend.

How to live stream in for the conference

To be part of the ASK global prayer live stream on the day, you will need to:

  1. Have access to a reliable WIFI and power source for your smart phone.

  2. Download the Clubhouse app and Zoom App from your App store to your smart phone or PC, Tablet and set up a profile with your name.

  3. Have a Bible, and a pen and paper for notetaking.

  4. Have a printed copy of “The Spiritual Declaration of your nation” ready to read aloud during your nation's prayer time.

To Register your interest click the button below

 "Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance,
    the ends of the earth your possession."  Psalm 2:8

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