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What is Ask of Him 2022?

The Lord blows His shofar from the ends of the earth,
Aotearoa New Zealand, back to Zion Israel, calling all believers in Yeshua Hamashiach Jesus Christ to gather in a global 200+ nation campaign of prayer, to renew their Christ covenant over their lands;
Nation to Nation “Shield to Shield”
From the 7th of July @ 7PM 2022, to ASK of Him!
Is.62:11, Zech.9:14, Matt 7:7, Matt 6:33, 2 Chron.7:14


On behalf of Maori Initiatives Trust NZ and Kingdom First Network Global,

It is our honour to extend this invitation for you and fellow believers from your nation, to attend ASK of Him 2022. This historic world prayer campaign will take place on Clubhouse app (a real time live audio only app) in Melchizedek Marae.


The ASK of Him 2022 prayer campaign will commence from Aotearoa New Zealand, then move around the world over a 48hour period, gathering people together, from every nation into nine clusters of prayer time.

The prayer campaign will finish in Zion Israel as the final nation to pray.

We invite every nation to join us in prayer with Israel along with a special closing ceremony of prophecy, praise and communion together.


In order to complete the global prayer campaign within 48hrs, prayer representatives from each of the 200+ nations will be assigned to 1 of 9 Cluster Nation Groups (CNG) comprising between 18 to 25 nations in each CNG.

We anticipate on the day that your CNG prayer time, comprising upwards of 20+ nations, will take around four and a half hours to complete.


Ask of Him stewards and framework

Ask of Him 2022 prayer campaign will be hosted by teams from Maori Initiatives from New Zealand, and Kingdom First Network Global from America. 

The protocol for the prayer campaign will be presided over by Maori Initiatives stewards; Steve Hutana and his team, providing the traditional Maori customs of hospitality and unity.

Kingdom First Network Global provides the existing clubhouse platforms on which the Melchizedek Marae will be hosted. These existing prayer rooms have been running 24hrs a day for over 5 months with over 120,000 people prayed for, led by Preacher and the team.

Melchizedek Marae

Marae are sacred gathering spaces of the ancient Maori people of the land of New Zealand. Melchizedek is the Hebrew name bestowed on the Marae by Rabbi Yaakov Brown, meaning “God is Righteous”. It is our great and humble honour to share Christ through our Maori culture in Manaakitanga – Hospitality and kotahitanga – Unity with all the nations of the world.

Being a part of Ask of Him 2022

If you would like to be considered as a national prayer representative on behalf of your nation, go to the registration page and fill in the registration form, ticking the “national prayer representative” box.



Once registered you will receive an information pack containing the following:

  1. Your personal cluster nation group (CNG) number.

  2. The specific date and time for you and friends from your nation to join on Clubhouse for the official welcome onto Melchizedek Marae.

  3. A list of all the nations in your Cluster Nation Group

  4. A copy of the ASK of Him 2022 program

  5. A copy of “The Spiritual Declaration of your nation”


Feel free to email this information to other believers across your nation as the Lord leads you in prayer to register and attend.


To be part of the prayer campaign on the day, you will need to:

  1. Have access to a reliable WIFI and power source for your smart phone.

  2. Download the Clubhouse App from your App store to your smart phone and set up a profile with your name.

  3. Have a Bible handy, and a pen and paper for note taking.

  4. Have a printed copy of “The Spiritual Declaration of your nation”

To Register your interest click the button below

To download the above information click

To download Ask of Him Press Kit click

 "Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance,
    the ends of the earth your possession."  Psalm 2:8

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